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How a Travel Coach can help you “Family Travel” more

Family Travel

September 19, 2021


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A travel mom, travel coach, entrepreneur and creator of
Monos Viajeros.
Here you'll find tons about travel, life, motherhood, family & entrepreneurship. 

Hi, I'm Ana.


wannna start family traveling?

This guide will help you get the answers you need to kickstart your family travel journey.



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Are you Family Traveling as much as you’d like?

If you’re reading this, I’m going to guess you are not. I’m even going to dare say that perhaps you haven’t started family traveling at all.

And you know what, if this is you, you’re not alone. Based on statistics, even though as millennials, we’re the generation that travels the most, only 44% of families travel with their children.

That means that only 2 moms out of your 5 “mom-friend group” have decided to say yes to Family Travel!

And one of the main reasons why you may be in the group of 3 who are not traveling yet, comes down to this simple truth…

“You don’t know how to do it”

Where to start, how to plan, where to go, and not even who to ask for help.

A Family Travel Coach focuses mainly on the inner work, emotions and right mindset needed to succeed as a family traveler, which makes them a great starting point and compass for you if you’re looking to travel more with your children.

Some of the ways a Family Travel Coach could help you travel more are:

Discovering and breaking through limiting beliefs

A Family Travel Coach can help you pinpoint your specific fears and barriers about traveling with your children through specific questions, exercises and by pushing you to look inside. Once you’ve identified what exactly is what’s keeping you from traveling, you’ll be able to, with the help of your coach, create a strategic plan to navigate these limiting beliefs. Let’s say you realize that what’s keeping you from starting is not having enough support. By knowing this, your coach could help you find other travel moms, communities, and resources so you can start building your support system, get on the right mindset, get inspired, and travel more.

Guiding you on how to family travel for the first time

Family Travel Coaches are the ultimate guide for first-time traveling moms. Most of them were exactly where you are, know exactly how you feel, and had to learn on the go how to take this giant first step, which makes them very knowledgeable about helping you do it too. Even though Family Travel is a constant learning journey, there are very specific steps to consider when you’re doing it for the first time. A Family Travel Coach can help you travel more, by guiding you through your very first trip, which will eventually build your confidence and push you into your own travel experience.

Empowering you to go after the travel life you long and deserve

One of the main goals of a Family Travel Coach is to put the power back into your hands, so you can create the travel life that you dream of having. This empowerment can happen by making tools that can help you get answers available to you. Once you realize you’re able to navigate the fears that arise when you think about traveling with your kids, and that you’re able to seek the answers that you need, you’ll feel motivated to take action. By working with a coach you’ll know exactly where to look.

Building your confidence by giving you tools for the planning process

If you’d like to take an active part in the planning process of your unique trips, and if a cookie-cutter prearranged trip sounds nothing like the travel experience you dream of having, a Family Travel Coach could be the compass you’ve been looking for. With specific thought out questions, a coach can understand your current situation (how you’re feeling, your travel style, your budget, etc.) and your desired situation (how you want to feel, what you wish to experience, the memories you’d like to create, etc.), and offer guidance so you can best plan your trip. These questions will allow you to understand more about the way you like to travel and why you’d like to family travel. By discovering this you’ll be able to plan your own trips, as often as you wish.

If you’re a traveler at heart and having kids has somewhat put your travel dreams aside, working closely with a Family Travel Coach will allow you to see travel with new eyes of possibility, will help you identify what you wish to accomplish by traveling with your children, and will give you tools to become an empowered travel mom who decides to take action.

Ready to start now? Learn more about Family Travel Coaching right here.

Interested in becoming a Travel Coach? Learn more about the Travel Coach Certification Program here.

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A travel mom, travel coach, entrepreneur, and creator of
Monos Viajeros.
In this journal expect me to share tons about travel, life, motherhood,  family & entrepreneurship. 

Hi I'm Ana!



wanna start family traveling?

This guide will help you get the answers you need to kickstart your family travel journey.



planning your very first family trip?

I got you! This guide will help you get the answers you need to kickstart your family travel journey. What to bring? How to choose the best hotel? It's all in here.

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