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10 Things I’ve learned about making money online


July 6, 2023


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A travel mom, travel coach, entrepreneur and creator of
Monos Viajeros.
Here you'll find tons about travel, life, motherhood, family & entrepreneurship. 

Hi, I'm Ana.


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how to have your own online business

After taking one of my biggest free-fall jumps yet! –Quitting my full time job and starting an online business in 2020– there are quite a few thing I’ve learned about making money online.

Was it easy? Not at all. Would I do it all over again? You bet!

For me, making money online was always a way to allow for more family travel in my life. You know, for trips like this to happen; and I think the same can be true for you too.

In this article I’m gonna share my biggest lessons, learnings & experiences that I know will help, guide and inspire you, if this is something you’d also love to do.

So let’s talk making money online, queen…

More specifically, 10 things I’ve learned in my years of making money online as a female coach, creator, and entrepreneur.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. You have to believe IT IS POSSIBLE.

A lot of us start here, wandering if creating online income is even possible. Because it’s very hard to believe in something when you have never experienced it before. So how do you do it? Instead of seeking for proof inwards, you put your attention outwards! You find proof everywhere around you from people just like you (hey 👋🏼) who are already doing it. This is how “you borrow” a new set of beliefs, and shift from that’s impossible, to OMG..look at everything that COULD BE POSSIBLE.

2. You must get rid of the time-money exchange mindset.

Something quite difficult to do since most of us come from realities where we get paid based on how many hours we work. The more hours you work, generally the more you make. But when you start creating income online, you’ll learn that what you make will be more so a reflection of the results you provide, regardless of how long it takes you to do it.

how to make money online
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

3. People will pay you, exactly how much you think you’re worth. 

My very first client paid me $25 for a family travel masterclass. I was still terrified of charging them!

Fast forward some years, a lot of inner work and tons of new experience →  One of my most recent coaching clients paid me $777 for 3 calls, and I’m about to sign a $2300 deal for a content creation bundle. What you’re comfortable charging is an energetic signature that you build over time. Your own investments, your environment, and your value growth will help you take the leaps you’re looking for. 

4. There is not ONE SINGLE way to make money online.

In fact, my online brand currently has 6 sources of online income, which include both FAMILY TRAVEL COACHING and UGC WORK, but also travel writing and affiliate marketing. I’d say focus on one first and then start diversifying. Once you notice your biggest income generators, double on those BUT, always keep an eye out for the sources that will allow for more scalability and passive income.

female online business owner

5. The bigger the TRANSFORMATION you provide, the more you’ll be able to charge. 

Focus on solving BIGGER problems. The closer you get to changing someone’s life, the higher perceived value you’ll create for yourself. Also, the more urgent these problems feel, the more urgent your transformation will feel for your clients. For ex: Helping someone save their marriage will probably feel like a bigger and more urgent problem than helping someone organize their closet. (Unless you come up with a program that helps people fix their marriages through house organization skills 😆 )  → Creativity and Marketing will play a big role here.

6. BUT ALSO, the more you learn, the more you’ll be able to charge.

Experience increases your ability to resolve bigger problems. Never underestimate your challenges and difficulties throughout your own journey. Take notice, become vigilant, and when hardship comes your way, take a sec to ask…“What is this trying to teach me?” My mentor makes 6 figures A MONTH! And some of her most impactful programs were inspired by some of her hardest moments. 

how to create an online brand
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

7. Putting offers out there is not enough.

Building a personal brand that attracts a unique group of people (your tribe), consistency, trial & error, showing up even when you don’t see results, and investing in improving your skills, are all necessary for building a reliable source of online income. With that said, do not get discouraged by how far “everyone else” seems to be. The single most important thing you can do IS START.

8. When you hear there’s no ceiling in online income, it is 100% true.

And this is something I really did not witness until I got myself inside BIGGER ROOMS. Rooms that required higher investments and bigger moves. Three years ago my goal was to replace my monthly salary. Now, I’m in proximity to people who in a weekend make what I used to make in a year! Get yourself in bigger rooms queen. 

9. It’s not only about what you know.

It’s also about who you are, what you believe in, and the stories you help create. At the end of the day, the people who will buy from you are people who relate to you. With so many things, programs & courses out there, the only way to stand out, is by dialing it up on the things that make you, you. Get clear on them and start sharing them with the world 😉

10. It is all a wonderful & magical JOURNEY.

As much urge as you may feel to “get there already”, celebrate every small win, because no win is small enough. Even if you’re at Stage 0 🖤

I promise you, there is soooo much you’ll discover on the way. So linger a little longer, smile a little bigger and, enjoy every single step you take forward.

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A travel mom, travel coach, entrepreneur, and creator of
Monos Viajeros.
In this journal expect me to share tons about travel, life, motherhood,  family & entrepreneurship. 

Hi I'm Ana!



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