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Travel gifts for kids (who love to travel)

Family Travel

December 7, 2023


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A travel mom, travel coach, entrepreneur and creator of
Monos Viajeros.
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wannna start family traveling?

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Hey mama! If you’re here, chances are you love to travel. But not only that, you probably have a little one who loves to travel just like you! As a family of 5 who’s been exploring the world with kids for the last 5 years, not only do we love exposing our children to incredible experiences, we also enjoy sharing gifts with them that remind them of travel when we’re at home.

Got a birthday coming up and need some inspiration? Are you gearing up for the holidays? Here’s a list of some pretty cool travel gifts for kids who love to travel.

Here at Monos Viajeros, we love sharing brands, products and services that we’ve either used or that we’d absolutely buy for our own family. By using our links, you support our travels and adventures by helping us earn a commission, at no extra cost to you 🖤

As a family travel coach and a mama who’s traveled with kids for quite a bit, I’ve discovered that kids who love to travel, usually have a couple of things in common:

  • They enjoy hands-on and experienced based learning.
  • They like activities that feel interactive and challenging.
  • They’ve developed brain connections that facilitate learning.
  • They live in a constant state of curiosity and wonder.

This “travel gifts for kids” list was built with these incredible qualities in mind but more so, I curated it so that it would continue sparking wanderlust in your children, even when not traveling.

You’ll find 4 categories within the list (Maps, Books, Interactive & Toys, and Travel Gear), and inside each category, you’ll find details on each product, as well as direct links.

Don’t have time to go over this list now? Pin it for later ⤵️


If your kids are obsessed with maps (just like mine are), you’re gonna love this collection. From puzzles and globes to coloring posters, there’s something quite unique about maps that will always spark our wanderlust. They are also great travel gift options if you’re just introducing travel to your children.

Maps are one of our favorite ways to teach our kids about the world with tons of visuals and they’re also a fantastic resource for geographic learning.

Mudpuppy Map of the USA: This 70-piece map puzzle is ideal for kids 5 and older and it includes all 50 states with names and capitals. It has beautiful illustrations and state information on both sides.

Giant Coloring World Map: This map is the perfect size for multiple kids to color together. It has many fun illustrations your kids will love.

Puzzle Globe: Help your kids learn all the continents and where they’re located with this map ideal for kids 3 and older.

Lift and Learn USA Puzzle: 40-piece puzzle featuring all 50 US States. It also makes for a fun interactive map for kids 3 and up.

World Map Puzzle: An entertainment 75-piece map for kids who’re a little bit older. It includes landmarks, continents, and icons from different locations.

Wooden Puzzle for Toddlers Set of 3: This set includes wooden puzzles of the world, the US, and the Solar System. A fun way to keep your kids entertained for longer.


Books are one of our family favorites!! When we’re not devouring books at a Barnes & Noble, we’re usually grabbing tons of books every week at our local library. And of course, we never miss the chance to get our hands on great kids’ travel books.

The books I share below, not only do they make great travel gifts for kids, but they’re also beautifully designed –with the most colorful illustrations! and full of interesting facts and learning resources that will help your kids fall more in love with the world.

Maps: Every page is a total delight to explore! There are many details and cultural facts about different countries, and it makes for a gift that your kids will want to keep coming back to.

Adventures around the globe: This book from Lonely Planet takes you on a tour around the continents. It includes puzzles and stickers to decorate which makes it a good book to bring along while on the road.

Everything and Everywhere: A fact-filled adventure book for curious globe-trotters. This book stimulates imagination and it’s a great read for kids 4 and older.

Map Mazes: A travel journey between map-themed mazes (real and made up). The mazes will get harder as you move forward in the book.

The 50 States: A colorful deep dive into each of the 50 US States. Learn facts about culture and history through illustrated infographics maps.

Go! My Adventure Journal: An interactive travel diary for kids to bring on their travel adventures. There’s a very high you’ll feel like getting one for yourself as well!


This mini collection of travel gifts for kids includes three very hands-on options. They’re specifically thought out for little builders and older children who like to stay focused on one activity for longer periods.

You can take the Sticker Book on a family road trip or a flight to keep your kids entertained, and the 3D Puzzles make for great travel memories from previous trips, as well as travel decorations.

My First Trip Sticker Activity Book: Includes 12 travel-themed scenes that kids can decorate with stickers. It also comes with coloring pages.

Mapology Monuments of the World: 3D Puzzles of 10 World Monuments including The Taj Mahal, Christ the Redeemer, and The Colosseum.

NY City 3D Puzzle: 5-in-1 3D Puzzle of New York, crafted for kids 8-12. This puzzle can be used as a family activity for kids and adults to enjoy.


As travel-loving parents, it’s expected for us to want to get the best travel gear for our kids. There’s just something about them looking like little explorers that’s hard to resist, right? We’re family travelers after all! And we want our kids to own this travel identity too.

These pieces of travel gear are all fantastic travel gifts for kids who are a bit older. From the coolest kids’ luggage to fun passport holders. Check the full list below:

JetKids by Stokke Crew BackPack: Lightweight backpack for kids! It’s expandable and water-resistant. Multiple colors are available.

Travelers Club Luggage Set: Get everything you need with this carry-on, backpack, lunch bag, and neck pillow set. Choose between 10 different designs!

Neck Pillow & Sleep Mask: Ideal for kids who are fans of specific animals/themes. You can pick between various unicorn designs, as well as dinosaurs, and cute baby animals.

JetKids by Stokke BedBox: The world’s only premium, ride-on suitcase for kids. It transforms into a bed (for younger kids), or a leg rest during flights.

Quttie Passport Holder for Kids: Some of the coolest passport holders we’ve found online! There are so many prints to choose from, that you’ll probably want to get one for you too 😉

VotYoung Kids Headphones: This is a 2-pack set which is great if you have more than one child. Use them for in-plane entertainment or online classes wherever you go.

And there you have it! More than 20 travel gift ideas for kids for you to choose from! Make sure to save this article so you keep it handy for the holidays, kids’ birthdays, or any surprise gifts.


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A travel mom, travel coach, entrepreneur, and creator of
Monos Viajeros.
In this journal expect me to share tons about travel, life, motherhood,  family & entrepreneurship. 

Hi I'm Ana!



wanna start family traveling?

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