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21 Activities to boost your creativity as a content creator mom


May 31, 2024


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A travel mom, travel coach, entrepreneur and creator of
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Hi, I'm Ana.


wannna start family traveling?

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tips and resources for content creator moms

Working as a content creator mom sure feels like a dream. Partnering with brands, shooting content with your kids, and getting paid for it?? Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds, mama. But to keep it awesome, there’s one essential thing to do, which you don’t hear often, and that is to make time to pour back into yourself and nourish your creativity as a creator mom, you know? Fill that cup with magic again 😉

We’re creators after all, and nurturing our power of creation through creativity boosting activities, will keep the ideas flowing, and the love for what we do alive.

If you’ve been following my daily posts at @monosviajeros, you may have seen some of the juicy stuff I’m gonna share with you today, but if you haven’t yet, girl… you’re gonna love (and treasure) this.

Because we’re dialing it up on the creativity, and before you tell me, “Ana, but I’m not that creative” ohhhh no mama, YOU TOTALLY ARE, but perhaps you haven’t practiced connecting with it recently.

And guess what?? Today we’re gonna do just that.

Here are 21 activities you can use to BOOST your creativity, and connect with your creative power –yes, that power of creation you innately have, as a mom.

activities to boost creativity as a creator mom

Since I know (yes, I know), that we are all busy mamas, I decided to organize the activities I’m gonna share with you, by the time you’d approximately need.

That way you can pick and choose, depending on your time availability, and ditch the (yes, I’m gonna say it) mmm…excuses 😉

Ready to spice up that creativity as a creator mom? Let’s dive in!

If you have 15 Minutes

1. Meditate. You don’t need to be an expert at it, in the sense that as long as there is silence, you can easily close your eyes, connect to your breathing, let your thoughts wonder, and listen.

2. Dance off to your fav’ songs. This is one of the fastest mood changers! I suggest you build yourself a “mood booster playlist” and keep it handy at all times 😉

3. Start laughing: Easy, you can actually try it right now! HAHAHAHA I’m serious!! hahahaha Just start laughing girl c’mon! smile…there you go, now smile bigger..oh you look so good. Let’s laugh it out baby! I’m laughing as I type this now! hahaha I love you!

4. Write down your thoughts. Everything that’s up there (in your head), just put it in a piece of paper. Let thoughts out of your mind and feel the release of materializing them into your favorite journal.

5. Have a coffee or tea by yourself: Mmmm delicious right? Maybe play some instrumental music and allow yourself to enjoy.

If you have 30 Minutes

6. Paint your nails. I just did it now! And girl don’t I feel bonita 😉

7. Have a yoga session. Uhhh mama, I cannot tell you how many of my “most brilliant ideas”, or “answers to problems”, have just come to me, after a nice yoga session. My favorite online platform for yoga classes (with plenty that are 30 mins long) is Inner Dimension.

8. Go on a walk outside. Get yourself out of the house, out of the office, and just take a walk. Change your environment and open doors for new things to unlock.

9. Draw something. And you don’t have to be artistic about it. Notice I said “draw something” and not “draw something good”. Let this be an activity of self expression. Sometimes I let my daughter guide me. She tells me what to draw and I take my try at it 😉

10. Read a book you love. This is my current guilty pleasure! Girl, most days I go to bed a lot later than I should, just because I don’t want to stop reading haha And I noticed that every time I do, I always have this lingering “good feeling” because I relaxed and let myself do something I really enjoy.

11. Buy yourself some flowers. Cue Miley Cirus “I can buy myself floweeers…”. Yes, you totally can. Pamper yourself, pamper your space, prime your surroundings for ideas to meet you halfway.

If you have 1 Hour

12. Take a class & learn something new. Is there anything you’d always wanted to try and haven’t yet? Something a friend suggested? If possible, get yourself to an actual class (instead of doing it online), and open yourself to a new experience.

13. Start building something from scratch. Especially useful when you feel like you’re dealing with a creative block. Just the act of creating something (outside of business), will help you reconnect with that creative side of yours. If you’re a crafty mom, check out this DIY Miniature House, which I started building and totally love!

14. Go get a massage. Because when was the last time you had a delicious massage mama? Mine was when I was still pregnant with Luna! Body leads, mind follows, so make that body feel good 😉

15. Do a craft with your kids. This may or may not push you out of your comfort zone, but I think it’s something you (and your kids) will enjoy. If you need some inspiration, here are some accounts I love to browse for ideas: @studio_rosie, @thelittleartistsroom, and @eart_and_sky_play.

16. Visit a library or a book store. Think of these as very alive places where ideas live. Not only will you find awesome books, you’ll probably also find cute decorations, and even fun activities.

If you have 2+ Hours

17. Go somewhere you’ve never been to. I like to keep a list of a couple of places close to where I live, so when I end up having the time, I can just go (instead of having to look them up then).

18. Take a day trip. Bonus points if it’s a new place too! Spend the day completely disconnected from your routine and give your creator mom brain a creativity boost by doing something out of the ordinary.

19. Head to a live-music concert. Turn on all your senses at a Live concert! Sing, dance, laugh and make space for new ideas to find you through the experience of sound.

20. Visit a museum. See the trend in looking for creative spaces?? Yes! A museum is another opportunity for you to unlock new ideas thanks to awesome exhibits

21. Start an art project. It could be a renovation at home, something new you’d like to build, a big family project or maybe a project just for yourself. The Miniature DIY House I mentioned is also a good example here. I really can’t get enough of it! It helps me relax while still flexing my creative muscles, and gets my endorphins flowing because I can notice the progress =)

UGC Creator Resources down here!

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A travel mom, travel coach, entrepreneur, and creator of
Monos Viajeros.
In this journal expect me to share tons about travel, life, motherhood,  family & entrepreneurship. 

Hi I'm Ana!



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