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A 6 week 1:1 Coaching Program to take you from "I wish I'd traveled more before kids" to "I'm traveling the world and yeah, the kids are coming along"




travel mom



A guided 1:1 Coaching Program created by a mom who refused to believe her travel life would be over after kids.

This program will teach you how to be a mom who -not only- dreams about seeing the world, but dares to do it (with a few diapers in the bag).

Welcome to
"Empowered Travel Mom"

Ready for your life to change?

I even planned a "babymoon" at 6 months preggo convinced that it would be my last trip...ever.
I mean...I didn't know ANYONE who had dared travel with their kids before, and also, it was what my friends and family kept saying. "Enjoy your trip 'cause once baby comes...goodbye travel and goodbye adventures"

I almost gave up on travel too!

and i believed it...until i didn't. 

who says moms have to choose between having kids and working, or traveling or doing what they love?

but guess what...

"Ana's guidance has made me see options I did not know about, and has turned this, more than a vacation, in a life experience for me and my family"

— Jenny

"Having a coach takes the planning to a whole new level"

Empowered Travel Mom

A Private 1:1 Coaching Program that'll help you awaken the traveler that you put to sleep, the day you became a mom. 


We'll discover, dissect and neutralize the thoughts that are keeping you from traveling with your family. We'll go deep in what you love about travel and analyze why you think it's currently not possible to do it with kids.

We'll go over the benefits of travel for you and your family. We'll also do an exercise to help you connect with your "why" of traveling and how it relates to the love you feel for your children. 

Here's What we'll cover

Understanding Fears

Benefits of Family Travel

week one

week two

At the end of this week you'll have your dream bucketlist created. You'll feel more confident when choosing travel destinations, and you'll know exactly how to create more travel experiences for your family.

Creating More Travel

week four

We'll go over the reality of traveling with kids and what to expect, so you can learn how to be prepared. You'll have access to tools that'll help you see any trip through the lens of possibility.

Your New Reality

week Three


You'll take the overwhelm out of the planning process, by having a structure aligned with your unique strengths. We'll also introduce tools to help you plan any trip, no matter the destination. 

Conquer the Planning

week five

It's time to take some massive action. By the end of this week you'll have chosen your next trip + the type of experience you want to have with your family, and we'll create your own roadmap together to make it happen.

Time to Travel

week six

Share your love of travel with your kids & let them meet the adventurer inside you.

How does this sound?

Create your own Bucket list + a roadmap to make it a reality.



the results you're going to get:

Have your next year of travels planned out and marked in your calendar.


Know exactly how to create a trip from beginning to end.


Start seeing all of your dreamed family trips with eyes of possibility


YES, I'M in!


How It Works

We meet each other on a FREE Discovery Call where we'll go over the program + your family and travel goals. 

First This

Once we confirm we are a fit, we'll decide the start date for your coaching sessions and I'll send you a breakdown of the 6 week process.

Then this

As soon as we start, you'll have my full guidance for the duration of the program. Every session will be curated based on your unique story and family travel objectives.

then this

Book your

ready to take massive action?

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Take advantage of this
FREE DISCOVERY CALL where we'll be able to discuss in detail how I can help you start your family travel journey.


"This course made my business dreams come true! I made six figures, and I couldn't have done it without Kate!"

- Jessa

six figures


6 ZOOM online sessions of 60-90min,
1 per week.


Coaching Package includes:

Weekly resources (PDF docs, checklists, digital materials, etc)


Activities for every week that'll help you implement what you learn.


Email access for questions and assistance during the 6 weeks of the coaching program.


($594 value)

($200 value)

($150 value)

($240 value)

3 Whatsapp Calls of 15min/each for additional support.


($75 value)

A 5 day challenge where you'll get to implement our best tips for our family travel pics. It includes one of our Lightroom Presets.

+ 5 Day Family Photo Challenge ($27.99)

5 day challenge

Take better Family Travel Photos



+ "Elevate your Travel Experience" Guide ($47)

A guide to help you make the most out of your family trip with fun journaling and exploring activities.

+ Family Travel Planner & Packing List ($8.99)

A travel planner created specifically with families in mind + a packing list hat includes all the family travel essentials.


An extra 60min session that can be used for extra coaching for a coming trip or as an after-trip session.

Payment Plan

2 payments of $599

One Payment 

1 payment of $1050

select the plan that works for you:

Better value:

Most affordable:

$392 OFF

Book your
FREE DISCOVERY CALL to get started

Book your
to get started



total: $1441.98

go to calendar

"This is your life.
And you only get one shot at it.
This is the time to go after it all.

Have your next year of travels planned out and marked in your calendar.

Know exactly what to expect & how to prepare for any family trip.

Have access to tools that will keep your wanderlust elevated.

Implement tools & activities to connect with your family more before, during and after any trip.

Understand your fears, where they come from on how to use them to conquer your travel life.

Awaken the adventurer, empowered travel mom inside you.

By the end of Empowered Travel Mom, you will...

save your spot now


I'm Ana your
go-getter travel mom friend.

I went from Travel Mom to Family Travel Coach out of pure love of helping other moms experience, just like me, the wonders of seeing the world through our children's eyes.

more about me

hey there!

I think we should leave her...

Was my thought when I felt the trip approaching.
We had planned for months our trip to Ecuador, and now we had a baby on board and NO IDEA on how we could do it with her. She was 3 months old.

But my heart starting speaking, louder and louder.
I loved travel so much and I loved my Nala so much. It didn't make sense to me that one had to exist without the other.

Nala did board that plane and did take that trip with us, and so far we've been to more than 30 cities together. We've traveled all over California and have created memories in places like Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

family traveling is a journey and it's a learning experience. ready to be embarked on by any type of mom.

but it wasn't always this way

This program includes everything you need to kickstart
your own journey

As long as you're prepared to do the work. You'll need to be brave, you' ll need to get uncomfortable and you'll definitely be challenged. On the other side, you'll have family memories, laughs, and worldwide experiences waiting for you.

Traveling where you want, as much as you'd like

Showing your kids why you fell in love with travel.

Building meaningful connections with your family while having adventures around the world.

Stop feeling guilty about loving travel so much and instead sharing this love with your kids.

Putting your fears on the passenger seat of your life, or of your next flight ;)

Getting out of dream phase and start taking action on your travel plans now.

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

book your free call 


This     for you if:

travel has changed your life and you want to keep doing it with your family.

You don't believe it's possible for you to travel with your family.

you are an action taker and are willing to do the work.


you're ready to invest in you and want to connect with like minded travel moms.

It's probably       for you if...

YOU'Re not ready to invest in yourself and in your growth.



It's probably
for you if...

Payment Plan

2 payments of $599

One Payment 

1 payment of $1050

select the plan that works for you:

Better value:

Most affordable:

$392 OFF


Let's Do This Thing!

Book your



and let's get started...

let's do it!


What is a Discovery Call?

It's a phone call that'll help us get to know each other. I'll learn what your current struggles and goals are & you'll learn more about the program. It's a great opportunity to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Discovery Call?

I prefer to not put a time limit on it to allow us to cover everything that may arise, but it's usually around 45-60min.

Will I learn how to plan my own trips?

Yes! One of the main results that you'll get from "Empowered Travel Mom" is that you'll be able to identify how you like to travel, what experiences you like to have, how you want to feel; and based on that, you'll be able to choose a trip aligned to these goals; and you'll have tools to plan it.

Can I choose the dates of the sessions?

Absolutely! The only requirement is that we keep one session per week.

When can I use my Bonus Session?

Most moms like to use it right after a trip to keep the wanderlust alive, but a lot of moms also use it to get additional coaching on a specific trip, right after the 6 sessions are completed.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, we have a flexible 2 payment plan. First part is due before starting, and second part is due on Week 3.

Do you offer refunds?

Refunds are not available on coaching programs. If you decide Empowered Travel Mom is good for you, I want you 100% committed to it just like I will be 100% committed to you and your growth. We can discuss any doubts on your Discovery Call so you feel confident on your decision.

shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in yourself is an important one! I'm here to help answer any questions about the program you may have.

Still on the fence?

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Flying with babies? Baby carrier or Stroller? It's all in here!

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